FGXPRESS PowerStrips Review

FGXpress PowerStrips

What are they?

They are these strips you apply topically to areas on your body that aches.

Do they work?

Yes, they do. I have tried it on an injured knee I had from running. I had sprained it a few months back and had to use a knee brace to alleviate the pain. The pain would come and go every so often, most especially during workouts. I had to stop running, because I became worried I would permanently injure my knee any further. I should mention that I only used one small portion of the strip and left it on my knee overnight as I slept. I woke up the following morning and I couldn’t believe that the pain was gone.

How did I come across the strips?

A friend of mine introduced the strips to me just to see if they worked or not. I never told her of my injury till AFTER I had used them. She had become a distributor for the strips through FGXpress, and was merely giving samples to friends she knew to try it.

Is FGXPress a MLM?

Yes, it is. However, it is not a scam. I know many who are very successful in the business of promoting this product, and getting others to be distributors as well.

Did I join?

Yes, I did. I believe in the product. If it worked for me when other things couldn’t alleviate my knee pain, then I’m pretty sure it will work for others.

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