Gamer Chick

I play like a girl…

I would not be a complete “geek” if I did not play video games. I gotta admit, though, that because “life” happens, I don’t play as often as I’d like.

First a little background

It all started in the early 80’s when I was just a wee little thing. We had the NES when I was a kid, and became hooked. We had a plethora of games and accessories for the Nintendo. My brothers and I would spend hours playing that our mom had to hide the console at times. No joke. Lol.

In order for us to play, we had to get good grades in school. So you bet we came home with straight A’s lol…And then Super NES came out, the Game Boy, etc… Whatever was out there, I have played. Like. The. Geek. I. Am.

I have been through almost all consoles and PC games. It was a past time and bonding thing with me and my brothers. We would have contests, bets, fights, etc… But it’s what kept us together. It’s what kept us close, really. And now that we’re all grown adults, but it’s still a past time- we just challenge each other online. Oh, the wonders of the internet!

Fast forward

Now, I’m grown. Yeah, it’s life. It goes on. BUT I don’t let it stop the things I love to do. I’m glad my other half supports my “habits”, because we’d be in a world of demise right now if I didn’t put my game time in. He doesn’t play games, but he watches from time-to-time, and the looks he gives me always cracks me up, because I know he doesn’t understand what’s going on, but he tries.